" Rezo Company is a private equity real estate syndication firm focused on our 360 Platform of Rezidual Ownership. We pride ourselves on establishing lifetime partners through Rezidual Relationships and Rezidual Income. "



Tony Nguyen started his commercial real estate career in Houston, TX – receiving his real estate license and established his business as a tenant in a retail shopping center.


First retail storefront purchase and became a Landlord. Since 2006, 7 retail shopping center locations were acquired across Houston.

After a successful exit from selling the operating business, the retail commercial real estate continued to produce rezidual income every month.

This epiphany was monumental – receiving rezidual income greatly enhanced the lifestyle and options to not have to trade time for income.

This powerful realization sparked a new age – providing his friends and family with access to rezidual income opportunities.
A portion of the commercial real estate portfolio was sold to embark on a wealth creation journey for others – REZO – to create a platform for his friends, family, and everyday people to receive and understand the power of rezidual income through commercial real estate investing.

Tony Nguyen

Founder & CEO


Bruce Nguyen

Chief Financial Officer
Bruce Nguyen is an experienced accounting and finance professional with over 14 years of expertise in providing CFO-level support to businesses. Prior to joining Rezo, he worked as a public accountant at a midsize CPA firm and as a financial analyst for a privately-owned company that operated over 150 full-service restaurants and quick-service chains worth over $300 million in assets. Throughout his career, he has been involved in financial analysis and modeling, strategic and tax planning, financial forecasting, budgeting, and cash flow management.

During his 11-year tenure, Bruce oversaw 17 REZO sister companies’ accounting, finance, and partially operational aspects, providing crucial support for the company’s growth and successful exits in both retail chain business and Commercial Real Estate Business, resulting in high ROI. His role was responsible for building office infrastructure, accounting and tax planning, acquisition and disposition, and strategic support for operational team leaders. Bruce holds a BSBA with an Accounting and Finance Concentration from CSUF and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and member of the California Board of Accountancy.



Our mission is to be the leader in the value add retail, mixed-use, industrial and medical office space through our Tenant Obsessive Model (TOM) and serving investors by providing access and opportunity through our rezidual ownership platform


We aspire to create wealth building opportunities for all stakeholders through transparency and trust


We are willing to make changes. Our 20+ year track record in the value-add real estate space through various market cycles allows us to navigate the everchanging commercial real estate space


We believe that consistency is key to any successful organization and always strive for excellence to improve our people, processes, and platform


Creating lifetime rezidual relationships and rezidual income with our stakeholders


We believe in leaving the world better than we found it. We align ourselves with charities that share our core values.